A 1.3 MW Solar Energy Project in the Works by Nevada Solar Works

A report from Reno confirmed today that the state’s Nevada Solar Works LLC have entered a deal with several energy companies, that will see the building firm construct a 1.3 MW worth of various photovoltaic and solar apparatus for the city that is beginning to embrace the green energy trend, and is clearly eager to embrace its sunny weather.

Nevada Solar Works have established themselves in the nation as a reputable and forward- thinking company, winning and completing various projects in its home state of Nevada and across the rest of the US. This most recent undertaking by the ambitious firm will pave the way for the creation of much- needed jobs and an improved infrastructure, as well as take another step in acquainting the people of Nevada with green energy alternatives.

The icing on the projects is provided in that they are not costing the city of Reno anything, as all finances behind the operations are being fielded by the state’s tax incentive and rebates from local energy companies.

There will be a total of seven projects for Nevada Solar Works to take on, with the first of the group to start as early as October. The company will collaborate closely with another local engineering and commercial construction firm named Q&D Construction. The partner company has along and impressive history of taking on intricate and complex projects in the past, as well as extensive amounts of experience in working with Nevada weather conditions and soil. In this particular case, Q&D will be responsible for the pre- planning and co- ordination of all future work prints. The company will also serve as the project’s problem solver and answer provider, dealing directly with the city and any other firms that would require explanation in the projects’ development.

CleanPath Renewables and Alternative Energy Solutions are some of the other companies working on the expansive projects. Both companies are heavily involved in Nevada’s green energy operations and development, and will all serve specifically assigned purposes in this operation. CleanPath will be primarily responsible for the building management aspect of the project, whereas Alternative Energy Solutions will aid Nevada Solar Works in penning the plans, designs and blueprints for the job, as well as fielding most of the installation demands of the projects. Both of these companies have previously worked on countless solar projects for the state, with Alternative Energy Solutions completing enough jobs to total more than 1.3 MW worth of solar energy fielded.