Al Gore voices concern and criticism over the cutting of renewable energy programs

The decision was made yesterday to cut almost $2 billion from various renewable energy programs across the US. The cuts were made in order to help fund a $26 billion state aid package. Many activist groups have expressed concerns with the fact that renewable energy still does not figure as a vital factor on the American economic itinerary, and Al Gore has joined them as of yesterday, criticizing the US’ unwillingness to grant the green market due attention.

Today, China has put in place a massive $739 billion plan to further boost the nation’s clean energy projects. Wind, solar and bio-mass power production are all at an all-time high in the country, and these already impressive figures will rise in the nearest future.

While China is busy putting its renewable energy production in the fast lane; the US has made its second monetary cut from its green programs that are already drastically lacking in financial and governmental support. Between the most recent cut, and the $2 billion removed from the renewable fund earlier this year, the state has already taken back more than half of the fund’s total $6 billion capital, and the public is beginning to protest such indifferent usage of the green fund.

Rather than invest more money into the programs, and create the much-needed jobs that the country so seriously needs, the government’s response has been to revoke funds from the programs that were supposed to pave the way for the economical future.

The decision has caught the attention of Al Gore who has been extremely critical, stating that investing money into renewable energy is simply more logical of a venue, as it saves the money that would have been spent on environmental compensation, as well as provide the nation with much-needed sustainable financial growth.

Gore added that slapping a band-aid on the ailing budget is not what the current administration needs to be doing, as the deficit will be present anyway. Instead, long-term investments need to be made, and the green market is the place to make them. As it stands now, America has fallen behind in the green energy race, and it is decisions like these that will keep the nation in the last ranks, as Europe, Asia, and now Latin America are putting more money into their programs.

Gore concluded that at the very least, investing into a green future would wind the current government some points with the sore public, which in itself is worth it after the recession that has affected the country for far too long.