Aluminum News

Alba continues to be ranked among the largest aluminum smelters in the world. Moreover, Alba produces over 500, 000 tonnes per annum, making expansions 1981, 1990, 1992, and 1997.  In latest new, Aluminum Bahrain is looking into expanding once more into new markets to remain current.

Alba had difficult numbers in 2009 experiencing a loss of $220 million. This loss for Alba is rather surprising considering there $781 million profit in 2008. The difficult years for Alba was credited to the Economic downfall but the results were still not terribly disappointing comparing to other companies of the world. Already, the first half of 2010 was a success so by years end Aluminum Bahrain will definitely be back on track.

Although 2009 was a slight disappointment for Alba, there are various adjustments in 2010 that will only advance them to new levels of success. Presently, sales to Europe occupy up to 15 % of Alba’s total output. Because of the great potential in Europe the goal right now is to increase investments to maximize profits. Aside from the booming economy, Europe is very attractive due to the detiarating aluminum producers currently in the continent.

Aside from there interest in Europe, Alba is also taking steps in significantly increase productivity. Production levels are expected to rise significantly through 2015. In particular, Alba aims to expand capacity to 1.4 million tones by the end of 2014. Productivity numbers for Alba should double by the end of 2015. As productivity gains momentum, there will be joint ventures aiming to take place.

In recent events, Emirates Aluminum announced it had secured loans totaling $737 million to fund the expansion.

Alba officials have responded great to critiscm and faced adversity after the difficult year in 09’. The great expectations related to Aluminum productivity and sales prove to attract fierce competition in the upcoming years. Alba is fully aware of the challenges to come and have stated there concern accordingly. Even though the concerns are present, officials are confident there combination of European expansion with productivity increases will only improve there stand against competition. In essence, as long as the European market provides positives results, Alba will come out on the positive end by years end.

Strangely enough, although there has been nothing but positive feedback on production and sales this year, Aluminum prices have actually taken a fall from +$2400 per tonne in April to -$2000 as of mid July.