BP’s Evergrowing Conflicts

Recently the National Corn Growers Association began running television advertisements in Washington which is featuring an easily recognizable villain, namely, BP PLC and its huge. It is uncontained oil slick in Gulf of Mexico. The advertisement which was announced is “Ethanol: Now is the time.” Ethanol is environmental friendly, clean burning and it can reduce the emission of green house gas in comparison to petroleum. It was said by Darrin Lhnem, the president of association in an interview. The spill is the good reminder for that.

In the United States, BP said that it is one of largest suppliers and buyers of the Ethanol based on corn. Not only the corn growers, were others also hoping to use woes of BP because of their own advantages. BP did not comment on how other people are invoking its name. BP is a top choice for politicians, public relation specialists and lobbyists are searching for some symbol of evil. Even there was nothing or little to do with the subject matter of the oil. In April, there was an exposure in deep water horizon oil rig and 11 people killed in this accident. It is triggered as the one of the worst environmental disaster in the history of United States of America. It is very rare that some corporation had to suffer from such an anger and frustration which was faced by BP from American public.

Insensitive statements of BP executive including one of the chairmen called by Gulf fisherman of the corporation leaves a very bad affect on the American public. They said that small people are the fuel for the fire. American public started boycott the gas station of BP brand. Military contracts banned the oil giant, according to some advocacy groups. According crisis management expert, corporate can take benefit from corporate turm oil. The bane of environmental activities can only magnifies the effect as it is the fact that an oil company involves in this particular incident. According to Eric Dezenhall, chief executive of Dezenhall resources, a crisis management firm in Washington, D.C., in attacking on an oil corporation there was not any and there will be not at all any downside. Company’s image will be as more as damaged as BP’s name more invoked by the public, said by experts. In 1989, due to giant oil spill in Alaska, Exxon Mobil Corporation has to suffer from taint for many years. Gerald C. Meyers, Michigan Business Professor’s University and expert of crisis management said that “It will be years before they live down- if they live down- this event”. Due to the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the company leaves such a negative reverberation that some other corporations which don’t have anything to do with oil were fearful of being equated with BP.

In last litigation on the genetically modified rice, Bayer crop Science based on Germany asked to federal judge in the Missouri about putting a ban for the plaintiffs by comparing it with BP. They feared from plaintiff attorneys said that Bayer was tainting the United States of America rice crop in the same manner in which BP damaged the Gulf of Mexico’s coastline. The decision given by the judge was to take the issue because it was arisen during trial. Such motions were common place, said by a Bayer spokesman. It intended as means of focusing the jury’s attention on actual issues which were in disputes. President Barack Obama cited that BP oil disaster which was a reason of press of legislation which can cap emission of green house gases. Opponents of such a legislation responded by invoking BP. They pointed out that corporation is one of founding member of the United States Climate Action Partnership. BP was too much happy in supporting the policy contained in the legislation of climate. They have a mentality that they will be able to earn more profits due to the new costly regulation which will enforce the consumers to pay higher prices for the energy, said by Republican House majority leader former, Dick Armey, in the written statement. Mr. Armey is running a group which organizes help against polices of Mr. Obama in recent months. BP actually pulled out of climate partnership. BP’s name is now detracting from various economic interests and political interests. Even it is also become an insult in culture at large. Some of the angry bloggers refer AT&T Inc. for the problems with the network, as the BP of the phone carrier.

On twitter, users grouse BP of the car industry is Toyota Motor Corporation. After, it announced to world wide recalls that vehicles of the company were out of control accelerating. Toyota and AT&T declined all the comments. For last night television comedians, oil spill has also provided fodder. Jimmy Fallon one of the comedians, joked that coast guard offered a good news, he is saying that he is catching 630,000 gallons of oil in a day, but the bad news is this that they are capturing it with the ducks, he added with it. The cast parades across stage holding the signs of international corporations that character call corrupt. With showing BP, the show replaced now the sign which was showing Siemens AG, German industrial conglomerate. In the review of a movie named Grows Ups, called match of actor Adam Sandler and director Dennis Dugan, the BP of the low brow gags. He said that his film is unplug gable gusher of the juvenile comedy.