Carbon dioxide storage problems potentially solved with the concept of “dry water”

The concept of powdered water is a well- recycled joke that has been around the US’ cartoon industry for decades. It consists of powdered water that you have to add regular water to in order to garner the completely redundant resulting water. Though the concept of dry water may seem like a similar bit of ill humor, the idea behind the product is actually a quite interesting invention. It consists of a substance that is 95% regular old liquid form water. That water however, really has the form of extremely small droplets that are closed up into equally tiny individual casings of the silica material. The process of such microscopic bottling gives the usually liquid substance the texture and volume of granules that are most importantly dry. Yet several scientists from the University of Liverpool decided to find practical industrial applications for the invention. One of such applications is the possible use of the granules to store various types of gases, like for instance carbon dioxide.

Extensive research from the university has produced data that demonstrates that the dry water formula can absorb and store more than three times as much carbon dioxide as water and silica do separately. The resulting data, if applied properly may result in the creation of stable hydrates, which would then severely affect the concept of global warming and its prevention methods.

Another potential use for the invention would be methane gas storage. If made possible, it would make natural gas much more environmentally- minded, and essentially turn the largely conventional energy source into a legitimate green fuel. Gas tanks for methane cars can be fabricated from the substance, and gas transportation can also be made significantly easier.

The dry invention can also have much more practical purposes. It has the potential to act as a catalyst for chemical reaction that occurs during the mixing of hydrogen and maleic acid. The resulting compound, called succinic acid is a substance that is utilized during the fabrication of drugs, several food ingredients and many other daily- used products.

Hazardous chemical liquid emulsions will also be easier to transport and ship if the dry water mixture is perfected.

The research team behind the unusual and seemingly nonsensical dry water is now searching options to make their product into a commercial commodity with academic and practical applications.