China Investment News

China has become the new rising power in the world and many if not all nations are beginning to agree.

Back in the 19th century China became a wild topic because of the “yellow peril scare”. Back in the late 1900’s there was mass migration from China to western countries, with the United States in particular. Although the migration did catch on to other Asian countries not too much came of this scare. However, since then the US has been weary of activity on the Eastern front.

With everything happening in the world today, it has become apparent that fear has grown among American and European governments. The fear becomes more apparent as each power house continues to spend millions towards defense efforts and more importantly constant insecurity.

The country of China actually has several hundred million people in poverty as well as the dyer need of attention for development needs, all this to embellish that point that China still has ways to go to be considered a supreme world power. However, the country of China is doing well enough that there confidence is increasing more and more as the days go by.

Confidence alone is something that can potentially force China to exert pressure on other countries of the world. Past experiences have taught us that growing world leaders will do whatever possible to test limits and restraints.

The recent success of China is credited directly to there economical success. With economical success comes satisfied citizens, and with satisfied citizens comes relentless support. Recent surveys have proven that 9 of 10 Chinese are perfectly happy with the way the government is functioning and are confident on the results.

In addition, recent surveys have showed that the support is growing far outside of China. Countries such as Japan, Germany, and Jordan are increasingly choosing China has the next superpower of the world.

China is very aware of there growing power and popularity. In recent events, they have succeeded in displaying there arrogant nature to diplomats and representatives around the world.

The president of the US, Barack Obama visited China back in November of 2009 to find several surprises among the Chinese people. His public event in Shaghai was held in a town hall meeting with students, and was surprisingly broadcasted only on local television. This might not be too much of a big deal but it does lead many people to question why the visit was such a downgrade from the famous visit of Bill Clinton back when he was in presidency.

President Obama was treated with little to no respect during his visit in China. It became very apparent that the leaders had little interest after Wen Jiabao declined to attend there meeting and actually continued by replacing himself with a lower level official. If a Chinese leader would ever experience that treatment in the US he would be incredibly offended so it raises a lot of questions when a leader such as Barrack Obama has that kind of experience.

In other arrogant actions, Beijing has taken an ugly and aggressive approach towards international trade. They have actually required that all merchants adopt Chinese standards apart from having the patents be Chinese as well.

Beijing has strong presence in the Southern Chinese Sea and look forward to becoming a strong presence in Southern Asia. After past events with Tibet and Taiwan, China continues to prove taking control of the Southern Chinese sea is an actual possibility. Due to all the political moves on the eastern front, bordering countries such as India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam have been deemed to worry about future events.

Moreover, China has reportedly used 4.3% of its GDP towards defense. The increasing amount of spending has worried neighboring countries after it was associated with the linking of core countries and the territorial integrity that China continues to aspire.

The future of China and there involvement in the world will increase over the next few months. However, considering the amount of power and the self confidence China has gained it is almost guaranteed that they will exercise tremendous pressure across the world.