Cosmically raising Energy conservation programmes and green energy investments

Energy conservation is rising in all parts of the world and there are many programmes conducted ubiquitously, to reduce the carbon emission. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development made energy study on 63 companies, among them 61 organizations declared that, the main aim was to reduce the emission of carbon and other harmful pollutants. Reports released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development stated that, many international companies are showing great interest to provide investments in energy and to form a low carbon economy. Angel Gurria, the Chief administrator of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development articulated that, the companies have established the green and growth programmes to deal with the climate changes and companies are adopting challenging business strategy to address the climate changes. The green energy investments will boost the climate policies and will contribute to the development of the economy and many international companies are very much worried about the greenhouse gas emissions.

Officials of the China declared that, the government will reduce the energy intensity around 20 percent and will cut down the emission of pollutant by 10 percent. The energy conservation plans was made victorious with the help of energy investments, provided by the Chinese government.  The recent study made by the National Development and Reform Commission in China unveiled that, the energy investments contributed by the government for reducing the emission of pollutants, green investments, environment protection were incited from the private sector. The National Development and Reform Commission report showed that, nearly 70 percent of coal power stations have implemented the flue gas desulphurization systems, and more energy consuming organizations have reached the energy conservation goal, established by the government of China. Prime Minister of China Wen Jiabao sooner mentioned that, he would be ruthless to meet the energy conservation targets and the companies which fail to meet the targets would be closed.

SunPower Corporation, largest manufacturer of the solar panels and other solar equipment is planning to construct a couple of power system for water agencies in California. The officials of the SolarPower recently declared that, the company is aiming to furnish a 1.1 megawatt solar power system, and this solar power system will satisfy the electrical needs of the San Diego County.  The two power systems will use the technologies of the SunPower Corporation such as the single-axis tracker system, to increase the energy capture and allowing the solar panels to follow the sun rays during the day time. Managing director of the SunPower Corporation mentioned that, the company has performed more than 20 solar power projects for the water agencies across the Western United States.