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Syria and Tunisia have a long history of relations and support throughout Arab history. As of late, President Basher al-Assay and his first lady paid a visit to Tunisian president in order to further discuss bilateral relations among the two nations.

Many nations have taken economical deficits over recent years because of the current struggling economy. Although numbers throughout the world are showing signs of improvement, it is imperative that all nations do whatever possible to prosper through these times. Due to drastic economical events it is very important for Arab leaders to establish strong relations in order to maintain and restore Arab solidarity.

As previously mentioned, Syria and Tunisia have very strong bond over the years but prove to be increasingly more supportive of each other. This past February, Tunisian president and President al-Asaad had open communication about the challenges among the Arab community. Then, at the Arab summit in March both presidents faced to discuss bilateral relations and current events. The latest communication came over Presidents al-Asaads’s visit to Tunisia. All of this comes to be great news among citizens because this proves signs of diligence and commitment to improving Arab conditions.

Another hot topic in 2010 has been the continuing efforts to restore areas of the Syrian Golan which was claimed by Israel so many years ago. Among supporters, Ambassador Oweiti stressed the fact that Syria was going to attempt to do everything possible to regain the remaining occupied land.

Joint Arab cooperation has been considered a need after recent economical challenges throughout recent years. It is very important for these two countries to increase there relations in order to prove prosperity among the Arab region.

According to Ambassador oweit, Tunisia and Syria have over 150 agreements. Of these agreements further agreements were signed earlier in the year to improve the manufacturing of car spare parts and olive oil.

President al-Asaar has been making all the necessary efforts since 2001 to continue improving relations with Tunisia. The goal is to enhance relations on all domains in order to improve the GDP all around. Bilateral cooperation is aimed to improve trade, investments, international exchange, and national goods.

Due mostly to the relations of both leaders, trade exchange continues to be on a rise between the two countries. After 3 months in 2010, trade exchange volume is at $15million; total numbers in 2009 were at $37.68 million.

President al-Asaar and President Ben Ali will most likely continue to meet throughout the year and maintain open communication. All actions geared towards improving the Arab region.