Denver-Based Firm to Stop Oil Exploration in Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Anschutz Exploration Corp. recently announced that it will stop its oil and gas exploration activities at Montana’s Blackfeet Indian Reservation following over ten years of study, negotiation and spending on the project.

The firm that is based in Denver and headed by Philip Anschutz said that the move was a business decision. Moreover, it said that the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council has already been informed by the company of its plan.

The firm said in a statement that the oil drilling and testing that has been performed in the region had discovered several resources on the reservation. However, those discoveries were not sufficient to support more investment for oil exploration and development.

According to the company, the number of exploratory wells that they have drilled on the reservation was almost 14.

Christopher Hunt, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Anschutz Exploration, said that the firm has other projects that need more attention.

The area for exploratory drilling is near the Glacier National Park of Montana.

The plans of the company for the Blackfeet Indian Reservation have faced some doubts from several members of the tribe who utilize a portion of the area for tribal ceremonies. Some environmentalists and officials of the national park have also questioned the plans of the firm for exploration in the area, based on reports from the past years.