Duke Energy Nuclear Plant Plans Clash with Concerned Local Activist Groups

Duke Energy, a prolific fuel company from Ohio has been on the receiving end of some mass amounts of public outrage, as the firm has made attempts to exclude ratepayers from Cincinnati from meetings discussing the company’s upcoming project in the Piketon area.

The total number of the utility’s clientele borders on 700,000 people in the SW Ohio region alone. These customers have stated that the $10 billion nuclear project that the company has been considering will seriously impede the area’s clean energy plans. The state’s most active environmental and consumer organizations have also voiced their concern and distaste for the harmful and hazardous project, stating that rather than dwell on the conventional and dangerous nuclear power, the state should be embracing its renewable alternatives instead.

There have been extensive legislation attempts in Ohio to instil a regulatory and required amount of renewable projects in the state, and Duke’s full- scale nuclear plans seem to impede those well- intentioned and forward- looking aspirations.

Representatives from the company have repeatedly announced that the economic and infrastructural virtue behind the nuclear operation is without question, and that the issue is not one whose control it is prepared to relinquish to the general public.

Yet Ohio’s Consumer Counsel and a several environmental agencies have all launched protests bearing the polar opposite of that statement in mind.

Local ratepayers have also been recorded as saying that they should be given the right to be better informed about the uses that their money sees in the city and state, and that their opinions need to be valued with a much better gauge.

The people of the state have long since been outspoken in their desire to avoid introducing nuclear power to their home state’s scenic lands, yet with Duke pushing ahead with the ambitious project, it looks like the first steps of what no one in the region seemingly wants are well underway.

The process still has a myriad of finalizing steps to make, yet it is clear that the state’s battle for its energy views is only beginning, as Duke begins to spread its wings in the area.