DuPont Pushes The Envelope: ADIPEC 2010

DuPont is living up to its reputation as an innovative science and technology company.  Representatives will attend the 14th annual Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) during the first week of November to present some of their newest, market-driven work.  More specifically, they will be unveiling some of their research solutions that address the efficiency and cleanliness of oil and gas production and usage.

DuPont has incredibly diversified research interests including: clean fuel technology, responsible energy management, productivity, and personal safety tools.  In fact, safety performance and safety culture are the topics for the two papers that DuPont will be presenting at ADIPEC this year.

In the exhibition hall, you can stop by the DuPont booth to learn about Halon reinforcement, chlorine dioxide removal from oil, the new DuPont Performance Polymers, and much more.  For those with a chemistry background, the company’s newest investigation of surfactants and sealing technology are sure to impress, as is their application to optimizing pump performance.

According to David Clark, an Oil & Gas Leader in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, DuPont is delivering even more than is expected based on their company history of innovation.  All companies at ADIPEC are faced with the challenges of technology and environmentally responsible products, but DuPont is especially focused on developing “products and processes that are safer, less toxic, more energy efficient, use less water and produce fewer greenhouse gases.”  These efforts are critical to the biggest global challenges of today – increasing agricultural productivity and handling population growth in emerging nations.

DuPont has identified safety, reliability, and productivity as the three primary challenges facing the Middle East oil and gas industries today.  The company hopes to use its applied knowledge to provide a number of specialized solutions.  A few examples include DuPont STREAMAX, an anti-corrosion coating that can be used to protect pipelines in extreme temperatures, and DuPont Pipelon, a resin for non-metal pipes that makes them less permeable to chemicals and therefore resistant to damage over time.

To contribute to the clean air efforts, DuPont had a Stratco Alkylation Technology that can be installed in refineries to produce cleaner burning fuels while reducing SOx and NOx emissions.  For personal protection, the DuPont Nomex and Kevlar suits offer workers both chemical and thermal protection from their environment.  DuPont also offers consulting teams who can perform onsite inspections to improve operational safety and efficiency.

All of these technologies and more will be showcased at ADIPEC 2010.  From sealants and elastomers to micro-fouling treatments and pipeline descaling surfactants, DuPont has a chemically engineered solution for nearly every oil and gas industry challenge.