Energy conservation methods followed in Kane County

Kane County is beforehand in the energy conservation methods and in environmental affairs, as stated by the Karen Kosky, engineer for the Kane County. Karen Kosky recently gave a presentation to the members of the Kane County and Environmental Committee regarding, the energy conservation methods and updated the committee with the funds granted by the United States Department of Energy for energy conservation methods in Kane County. Karen Kosky also mentioned that, the Kane County in August 2009 received around 2.47 million US dollars from the Department of Energy and Aurora, Elgin and Carpentersville experienced nearly 1.57 million USD, 1 million USD and 146,800 USD respectively, from the United States Department of Energy. According to Karen Kosky, around 57 percent of the investments have been separated for the domestic energy conservation methods and those energy conservation methods   would be accomplished within the end of April 30, 2011. Kane County would accelerate the works and the financial assistance furnished by the federal department would be utilized for good deal of new and existing energy conservation projects.

These new energy conservation methods adopted by the Kane County would create plenty of job opportunities and produce a lifelong financial and energy savings. Kane County would revamp the energy plans across the county, train professions to be more effective and efficient and concentrate on the projects which mitigate the traffic congestion, with the monetary benefits received from the Department of Energy. According to the energy conservation methods of Kane County, it would supply new light bulbs, produces more efficient ventilation and air conditioning.   For this project around 923,894 US dollars have been allocated. Moreover the Kane County has received a revolving loan around 390,000 USD and the loan money would be used for upgrading the energy efficiency.

A training programme was established for teaching energy efficiency technologies for more than 30 students enrolled in Safety and Career Technologies course in the Elgin Community College. For this energy conservation programme more than 106,757 USD was spent, which includes the tuition fees for 30 students. Scientific Conservation, leading company specialized for predicting the energy consumed by a particular building and the company has received roughly 15.65 million US dollars, in Series B funding. The company is producing magnificent results in information and technology sector and currently it is showing more interests towards the green tech. Scientific Conservation provides software as a service and permits the company to examine the energy consumed by their building pragmatically. It also estimates the future energy consumption of the building by energy management diagnostic data and analytics. By implementing this, we can preserve great deal of energy and cut the energy rates.