Energy sources for Modern Transportation

Fossil fuels have become the worst source of atmospheric pollution, which has resulted in mankind showing displeasure to continue with their usage, for the various applications worldwide. Time is running out for man to take a wise decision and to make a switch over to much better varieties of the fuels, which would satisfy the growing energy requirements. This has made the energy experts to look into and develop much cheaper and better alternatives, which can effectively replace the fossil fuels that have been used till now.

The trend is now towards the production and use of the bio fuels, which is considered as one form of natural energy source. Bio fuels ever since their production, has been very successfully been tested on the vehicles. They have shown some amazing results, that very well prove that it can very well be considered to be as the next best alternative form of natural energy source, that can rightly replace the fossil fuels like the natural gas and the crude oil that has till now been used. The bio fuels like the Ethanol, Butanol and Methanol, have been tested very successfully to drive the automobiles with the same efficiency as the fossil fuels and this has led to their large scale production. Since they have been used by and large as a fuel for the vehicles, they have been termed the automobile fuels.

Bio fuels are derived by organic processes, that are being produced by the fermentation process of the sugarcane juice or the starch obtained from the rice grains. Hence it is being termed the natural energy source, since these are very readily and freely available in nature and is indeed renewable. The other significance of using the bio fuels in the vehicles are that, they do not contribute to any type of atmospheric pollution and it is for this very reason that, they have been very well been classified as a very clean form of natural energy.

The only thing that the modern automobiles need to do for using the bio-fuel is to bring about a modification in the engine. Nowadays scientists have very well found a very effective solution to decrease the level of air pollution, that is being caused by using the fossil fuels and this is done by mixing the bio fuels, with the fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. This kind of combination will in turn result in the lesser extent of the carbon dioxide emissions due to the automobile fuel being burnt, that results in the decrease of the atmospheric pollution.

Energy experts are stressing the need for utilization of such forms of natural energy sources more and more, since this will only help mankind to very well satisfy the current energy requirements and also build up the best forms of energy solutions for the future generations. Hence the bio fuels research has already been underway in various parts of the world, which can be very well be termed a very positive development for the entire mankind.