For companies centered on the natural Gas: Ensyte upgrade Gastar

Word came from Houston, Texas that global energy software company, Ensyte has made major upgrades to their software system Gastar made specifically to provide natural gas management solution. By far it’s the only software that using the new Windows Presentation Foundation, which is amongst the latest visual studio tools by Microsoft.

The upgrade is accompanied with a new standard interface with some modern features focused on the operations required by the natural gas industry on the day to day basis. The browsers as well as the monitor `s screen was also put into consideration while upgrading it. It is not only going to increase the usability but also caters for the on-demand access.

For long oil companies were looking for an alternative to existing systems which were prone to lot of errors especially human error involved in transcribing data into the system and other such problems. Looking from the angel of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI), the errors caused were enormous specially the ones pertaining to multiple spreadsheets and disparate data amongst all the major companies. It’s costing them around $100,000 every year.

The oil and gas companies are facing challenges in more than one department; especially they are looking for broad-commodity solutions. They are also trying to get a solution that is industry focused. This does not only time dependent but also costs them a fortune. For the same reason Gastar is treated like a star by almost all the companies and now are busy in streamlining their business processes by using this system.

When you take a closer look at the cost and time effectiveness of ENSYTE’s business process software solutions, the difference with other providers is huge. The turn around time is also exceptional as compared to its competitors. The latest Gastar installation replaced existing 3 modules which incorporated database systems as well as hundreds of relevant spreadsheets. The new system with gas accounting module has a rigid interface with SAP for ERP and CRM business functions. Amongst other features of Gastar there are Allocation Network, which shows the real-time information regarding the pipelines, and other technology related features that will be released in the coming year.