Gem Signed Five Year Contract With Midtown Miami

The Green Energy Management Services Holdings on Tuesday announced that it has signed a five year contract with the Midtown Miami. The contract says that the company will install AIRLOCK valves in over seven hundred residences. It will also look for the maintenance of these valves. This contract will make the Midtown Miami save thirty per cent of their annual expenditure on water and costs of sewer. The thirty per cent saving is estimated to be about $ 1 million annually. As compensation the company is set to receive the fifty per cent of the savings till the contract lasts. As per the reports the installation of the valves will be completed by this year and precisely at the end of the month of April. The company is expecting to make revenues within two months time after the installation is complete.

The Executive Vice President of the company, Mr. Jason Edelboim stated that Midtown Miami is a leading luxury development in the city of Miami. He added that he is happy to choose Green Energy Management Service Holdings to implement the technology of water management. He also addressed that by installing AIRLOCK valves, the Midtown Miami will be able to generate enough savings through its costs of sewer and water. They do not need to put out anything from their own pocket.

The Green Energy Management (GEM) Service Holdings is company which provides full service on energy management nationally and is situated in the Eastern United States. GEM provides energy efficient solutions in three main areas to its clients namely generating renewable energy, utilizing water efficiently and upgrading energy efficient lights. The company is presently involved in the distribution of the light emitting diode units commonly known as LEDs. These LEDs are highly efficient and consume less amount of electricity. It is supplied to only those people who need a substantial amount of energy. The company provides the customer these lights with no maintenance cost as per the contract.

GEM is a national company with its operations taking place in every part of the nation. It distributes products the customer and provides them the services they need. The company focuses on the maximum and efficient energy potential of the products. It also focuses on maximizing the potential in the renewable energy.

The GEM company also provides technology which is energy saving and for long term at a fixed price. It also installs the product on turnkey basis by creating the final product ready for use by the customer or the client. It installs the technology which can be reduced by 50-70%.  The company makes profit with the life of the contract which is slow but effective and attractive.