Green Retail Energy In New York

Viridian Energy on Tuesday made an announcement to launch its services in the New York City and its surrounding areas. Viridian Energy provides green retail energy at affordable prices and is a leading firm in providing these services. Viridian Energy has boosted its market in the last 17 months. The launch at New York City is a recent expansion. The company has its hold in five other states also.

This way, the company definitely has a great future ahead. With the right kind of vision to have an impact on the local economy and the environment by providing the customers with renewable energy at an affordable price and that too of a high quality ascertains that the company will succeed in the local economy.

Founder and CEO of the Viridian Energy, Michael Fallquist said that his vision to provide people with an easy and affordable clean energy is growing at a rapid pace. The demand for the clean energy has shot up. Majority of the consumers are willing to support the green development made by the organization. He also added that the demand of these renewable products is also high because they were available at a higher cost earlier but now they are not.

He concluded that the present conditions of the market and company’s commitment to agree at a lower margin allowed the company to offer the product at lower rates, which can attract many people. Thus one can get a better quality product at a lower price. The product offered by the Viridian Energy contains minimum 20 per cent of renewable energy and it also has given an offer of 100 per cent renewable rate plan. The plan has been certified by the Green-e Energy and it has maintained the highest standard for the certification of energy in this industry. It will also be made available at Con Edison. By using this renewable energy source products the people of New York can make a healthy contribution in not causing any harm to the environment with those green house emissions.

Senior Vice President of sales and marketing department of Viridian Energy stated that the energy products are cheap and access to it is also available easily. This will have a huge impact on the environment. The demand for green energy products will continue on a large scale to strive for the development in renewable energy. The problem is that many people are not aware that they have the right to select an Energy Service Company. Since 1990s the New York market is deregulated which allows the consumer to select a supplier. Gus Philemont independent sales associate of the company believes that there have been no such attractive offers made on the environment concern.