Greenest natural gas vehicles thriving across the United States

The list of greenest natural gas vehicles for the year 2011 was recently prepared and published by the American Council for encouraging and developing an Energy-Efficient Economy. American Council had a long list of traditional gasoline engines in the 14th annual ratings. The listings included the most eco-friendly cars on the market such as the Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Elantra and Smart Fortwo for their internal combustion model. For the eighth straight year the Honda Civic GX, natural gas powered car occupied the top position in the ranking table by securing the score of 54, followed by the new all-electric Nissan Leaf.

Vehicles such as the hybrid electric Chevrolet Volt and hybrid Toyota Prius were squeaked into the last spot for the greenest crop. Smart Fortwo’s electrical version has attracted a score around 60. In the United States, the Smart Fortwo had only the 250 unit model, which did not meet the sales requirements of the list. Therese Langer, director of the organization stated that, the vehicles functioning on electricity does not emit hazardous substances from the tailpipe but their upstream emission is very important, relying on place where they are charged.  The number of electrical vehicles would increase in the future since the United States expects greener environment.

The process of manufacturing battery and the disposal of the waste batteries can emit toxic substances. These factors were mainly considered and this knocked down the electricity-dependent vehicles. Vehicles that use diesel were completely missed out and the electric Tesla Roadster did not reach the expected level. For the past several years, the European car which dominated the list was surpassed by the group of guzzlers known as the meanest. These guzzlers included the sport utility vehicles and the heavy trucks.  Bugatti Veyron, the most expensive car in the world, scored around 19.