India emerges as one of the top 10 clean energy investor in the world

Anand Sharma, the Commerce and Industry Minister of India recently articulated that, India is ranked as the fifth largest producer of wind energy in the world. The clean energy investments are getting more familiar today and India is showing greater interests towards the green energy investments. India has been ranked number eight in the clean energy investment sector.  During the recently held inauguration ceremony of Eco-Products International Fair and the International Engineering Trade Fair Anand Sharma asserted that, the clean energy investments across the world has increased around 230 percent in the last four years and currently it has reached around 200 billion US dollars. Anand Sharma added that, we should take special interests to develop the green energy technologies as we enhanced the manufacturing sector. More over the green technologies would be one of the most important themes for the forthcoming couple of decades.

Considering the engineering sector, India is one of the fastest growing engineering export sectors across the world and raised more than the average global percentage. The engineering export of India has touched around 40 billion US dollars and according to the expectation of Anand Sharma, it would reach around 50 billion USD by the end of 2011. Further the minister quoted that, the policies of the government should be altered so that it would increase the engineering export rate three fold. The ministry expects the engineering export to reach around 120 billion USD by 2015. Sharma further stated that, the main aim of India is to make a significant transformation in the manufacturing and engineering sector by the end of this decade.  Simultaneously India would show more concern towards the clean energy technology and operations.

The ambit of the International Engineering and Technology Fair was to incorporate sustainable energy technology and green energy investments for increasing the productivity of sustainable energy. In the current period the world is dealing with several challenges with the energy and they are attempting hard to find a solution for this problem. Issues like climate change, energy security are blooming day by day and the government of the various countries has requested their people to follow low carbon measures that would assuage the problems. Many international companies should turn up with innovative methods that could reduce emission of green house gases and other toxic gases. They should find out automobiles which run on carbon free fuels. Many countries and organizations are providing special incentives and benefits to the companies that are attempting on renewable energy technology, so that it would encourage other companies also.