Informative Oil and Gas Exploration Meeting in New Zealand Planned

A Southern councilor is hoping that the upcoming meeting about oil and gas exploration to be held in Riversdale, New Zealand will offer the community balance and facts.

Many of the world’s largest oil exploration companies are showing interest in the region. Councilor Brian Dillon of the Southland District, whose Waikai Ward is situated in the possible oil block, said that discussions of the E&P industry usually brings about wild speculations among the public. To counter these trends, this meeting will allow a discussion that is balanced and informative.

The councilor said that, oftentimes, there is concern whenever discussions about digging holes and mining are going-on, especially with regards to the volume and quality of water needed to facilitate these processes. By having the meeting, the people will know the facts, or at least that is the hope.

According to councilor Drillon, he welcomed oil drilling in the region as long as it is properly done. Drillon believes that oil exploration is acceptable as long as it does not cause any damage and danger to the environment.

The councilor said that he expects many attendees in the meeting, but he is not very certain on what it would feel like in the Community Centre of Riversdale.

Government and environment representatives in the Southland will lead the talks regarding the government tender process for any regional oil investment that may take place in the near future.

The Waimea Valley Tender Block consists 1214 square kilometers of Southland’s northern area, and bids for permits on oil and gas exploration in that area ended in the middle parts of October 2011.

Ali Timms, the chairman for Environment Southland, said that the meeting was the community’s chance to hear and raise questions regarding the tender process and what may happen next.