Lundberg Survey shows Increases in Average Gasoline Prices all over the US

The average U.S. gasoline price increased to almost 12 cents in the last few weeks to reach around $3.51 per gallon. This is partly caused by higher North Sea crude oil prices. The report is based on the national poll of Lundberg Survey.

In the past few days, the average increase nationally in the price of regular gasoline was at 11.57 cents per gallon. This resulted to a mean price of $3.5101 at the pump. This data was obtained from a survey conducted on almost 2,500 pump stations in the continental regions of the United States.

The recent results is a significant change compared to the 3.5 cents increase in the previous survey which reflected the average oil prices for two weeks that closed in the 20th of January.

Trilby Lundberg, the editor of the survey, told Reuters that the rise in prices is a result of the increase in North Sea Brent crude prices to almost $7 a barrel more. Brent crude oil prices are more unstable and sensitive to Middle Eastern changes compared to crude in the United States.

According to Lundberg, pump prices in the United States will most likely increase by a several more cents for a short period of time since retailers still have to pass along all the latest increases in wholesale prices.

Among all the cities that became part of the survey, Denver had the lowest average per gallon gasoline cost at $3.01. The highest gas prices were in New York’s Long island suburbs at $3.82 per gallon. Lundberg said that the difference in prices was mainly due to taxes.