Oil Company News Oman and India

Ahmed bin Abdulnabi Macki visited India recently for a 3 day trip. Oman’s Economy minister and Deputy Chairman make the trip after an invitation from the Finance Minister of the Republic of India. Along with the minister, comes a group of officials from France and National Economy Ministries, Oman Oil Company and Oman Air.

Although India and Oman have a great running relationship, the purpose if this trip was to increase that bond by updating Indian senior officials on all the updates regarding the Oman government and there financial situation.

Of many topics, Macki is reportedly looking to focus on the foreign investment opportunities the Sultantes can offer. There is different foreign investment opportunities they can offer but Macki’s task is to identify them for the Indian audience in front of him.

There will also be an agreement signed by Macki to inaguarate the new Omani-Indian company which will be headquartered from the city of Mumbai. The company will officially and evenly be funded by the State General Reserve Fund and State Bank of India.