Oil Investment Outlook: August 2011

Here is a video clip from Bloomberg that we at Investments and Acquisitions have found particularly relevant to the oil industry, especially to those considering making oil investments in the near term.

source: Bloomberg.com

This also plays into our wider theme: Gold is moving into an exponential trajectory because of future expectations about the value of the US Dollar. As a store of wealth, nothing beats Gold. However, oil is one of the most intrinsically useful commodities in the history of mankind, and owning oil producing wells could be a very effective hedge in these uncertain times.

For those who understand the technical analysis of charts, the historic oil-to-gold ratio, which tends to normalize over time, has been skewed in recent weeks in a way that signals either an imminent correction in gold, or a corresponding increase in nominal oil prices.

Even at $80/barrel – though market analysts are calling for higher crude oil prices – when demand is high and supply is low, profits increase. All the world’s oil supply was made from the decomposition of prehistoric plants and animals, and there are just not too many dinosaurs left in the world these days.

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