Oil Prices 185% Increase by 2011

185% Market Value Increase of Oil by 2011

The market value of a barrel of oil has been decreasing since the catastrophic Gulf oil spill. Today, the price per barrel of oil is $77. It was only two years ago that oil was worth approximately $150 per barrel. This significant fluctuation is about to happen once more. Current projections are at a 185% increase. With this projected market spike, a barrel of oil will be worth more than $200.

As the world population watches the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with saddened hearts for the environment, analysts and oil industry leaders are making the decision to drill. With all the attention being diverted to an emotional response for who is to blame, the negative news is again benefiting the oil industry players. Hysteria for the so-called shortage of oil will be the catalyst of the market spike.

Realistically, there has never been a more opportunist time to invest in oil. Each of us has been a part of a conversation where someone generalizes with a comment like, “If I had only bought Apple stock when it debuted at $22 per share…” This dream of investing a reasonable sum of money and watching it grow into financial freedom for not only yourself, but also for your grandchildren is not an urban legend. The opportunity to drill domestic, inland oil wells is available now.

Oil and gas reservoirs exist throughout the United States. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to privately own an oil producing well, or to drill a new well for oil and natural gas production. Inland drilling is accessible and affordable. This is the opportunity to invest a reasonable sum of money in oil wells because the 185% market increase will be reached within the next 12 months.

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