Shallow water explored as McMoRan mines for hydrocarbon in the ailing Gulf of Mexico

McMoran Exploration,a well- known geology company has ventured into the addled and wounded Gulf of Mexico post- spill in order to showcase that drilling in deepwater and offshore may not necessarily be the most optimal solution for exploring the region’s mineral and fuel riches. The company is famous for discovering vast reserves of gold and copper in Indonesia a few years ago, and it has now turned its attention to fuel exploration and the Gulf that has attracted so much negative attention in the past few months.

The progressive and vital company has been promoting the revival of shallow water deep exploration that has been abandoned in the past decade as offshore deepwater drilling became the industry norm, and shallow water exploration was deemed an exhausted method, that was ultimately not worth the trouble for the payoff it produced. However, now that the Gulf spill happened, and the industry’s regulations hang in suspense, investors and experts are starting to turn back and re- evaluating the technologies they once abandoned so eagerly.

With the recent significant advancements made in the field of seismic cartography, and supercomputer applications, deep hydrocarbon sand deposits located in shallow water are increasingly easy to find. Improved drilling techniques, and rig formations and structure have also paved the way for the comeback of the tested and true and safer method of fuel exploration.

The sheer lack of intricate and potentially perilous steps and equipment that is inherent to shallow water drilling makes for a much safer process already. Things like blowout preventers are located above the water’s surface rather than being submerged, meaning that it is considerably easier to monitor the equipment at work. Repair or emergency work is also simplified by easy access and any leaks that do occur are much easier to contain and dissolve.

Though the productivity of these regions is slightly less bountiful than offshore exploration; the greatly reduced risks involved in these processes more than makes up for that deterring factor.

There is no escaping the issue of investors and people being wary of offshore exploration right now, as the spill in the Gulf still lingers, despite the capped well being killed off in the next week. It is time for the public to turn to better, more viable alternatives. The people who have gotten rich by investing in the industry did so by making the right choices about whether they were staying in on a trend, or buying out. The time has come to buy into this one, as it is simply better than what is out there right now.