Smart gas meters to be installed in 36 million to spike public awareness

Advanced gas meters monitoring the use of individual power usage have finished extensive trial periods and research in France, and will now be installed in more than 36 million homes in the US. The measure is supposed to increase awareness of power wasting, which in turn would lower individual energy consumption.

A 7-year plan set up in place by a market group has aspirations to raise the amount of smart meters in American homes from the current 8.5 million to more than 36 million by the year 2016.

Smart meters which comprise the smart grid structural design are meant to precisely calculate any given household’s electricity usage. The market for the product has been experiencing a boom in the face of the lingering recession and persisting unemployment rates. Yet many have voiced concerns that smart meters geared towards natural gas are missing from the market. In a massive push to both raise public awareness and lower consumption rates, smart meters monitoring gas and electricity usage have been introduced into American homes.

The rapid-growing trend has spread from Europe into North America, and is now expected to transfer over into Asia and Latin America, as the global economic downturn and rising unemployment have caused households to re-evaluate their energy consumption rates and financial capabilities. The introduction of the smart meter is the latest in energy-saving trends that the ailing world economy has created, with more people embracing clean energy, as well as having increased intent of lowering the usually high electric usage rates.

EverBlu, the smart meter that was designed and tested in France seems to be the American choice in the ever-expanding market, with numerous other versions of smart meters sprouting up, namely FlexNet that has also found a niche with European consumers. As it stands now, the EU has announced that over 80% of European households will have a smart meter by the year 2020.