Strategies of the General Electric Company

The General Electric Company had been one of the industrial giants in the United States and also has maintained its dominance over the rest of the world. But during the recent financial crisis, the company was deeply affected and it was in very great trouble. Indeed the financial crisis was a real eye opener for the company and its management, since they had to thoroughly reorganize their strategies, to stabilize the worldwide operations and also tighten their finances. For this the General Electric Company, had to sell most of its assets in the entertainment arena which it did so, that gave much respite to its financial troubles.

The company management also started to concentrate more on the industrial markets worldwide and due to such steps; the company was able to make itself much stronger in these markets. The management of the company has to be given much appreciation for the intelligent strategies that they had put forth, to pull out the company from impending trouble. The think tank of the company has also been focusing its efforts to push forward into the energy sector, which could give a huge opportunity for it to multiply the profits from investing in this sector. As a result of this change in the management strategy, the company has started to invest in the lucrative crude oil business. With the prices of the crude oil at record highs and the demand for the crude oil growing steadily, it is surely a best strategy taken up by the General Electric Company, to make profits under the current situations.

Thus the whole mood in the company management seems to be very robust, even after getting badly shattered by the economic recession, which had hit most parts of the world. Though it may take some more time for the financial worries to settle down, it can be really said that the General Electric Company is in the right path and will surely in the future, get back its lost shine. The staff and the workers of the company are also in a very happy mood because of the various projects that are in the offing. The people who had worried much about their job security, are gearing up for the future years of employment with the company. Thus there are many more things in store which are to be revealed by the management of the company, regarding the new projects that the company is likely to commit.

Hence when one industrial giant of the United States of America is set to rise back after the economic crisis, it is to be really seen whether many other giants of the American industry will follow suit and rise up. Thus it can be said that the financial crisis has made the major companies of the world, to look back and reorganize their faulty strategies, which they were following till now. Thus in the future they have to march ahead with the right strategies, so as to take the world towards the economic prosperity.