Syria and Italy Oil News

Abdullah al-Dardari, Syrian Deputy Minister visited Italy to discuss the relations between Syria and Italy.

Syria has an estimated $100 billion to invest throughout the next 5 years. Of these investments there is projected to be constant profits each year at an estimated 6%. Abdullah al-Dardari believes that in order to maximize this potential he needs the relationship between Syria and Italy to be strong. The actually projects can be nearly anything from infrastructure to communication with Europe.

Abdullah al-Dardari has the focal point on Italy because of there geographic position leads them to the European market. Aside from there connection with the rest of Europe, Italy has proven positive results averaging economic growth of 5.5%.

Moreover, Abdullah al-Dardari is a strong ambassador for peace in the Middle East making it clear that peace is the most important step towards Economic prosperity. Al-Dardari has been quoted saying “strengthening relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean is impossible without achieving just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.”

Abdullah al-Dardari did eventually meet the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Silvio Berlusconi was on the same page as Syrian minister stating that there relations was at best interest for both countries.

Since working together was quickly agreed upon, much of the meeting included possibilities of projects involving insurance, tourism, banking, railways, and many other investments.