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The once revered risk- taking reputation that BP has built for itself may be in danger for the future

The recent and utterly disastrous oil spill that has taken place a few months ago in the Gulf of Mexico has affected the region’s people, environment, culture and future. Yet it now looks like BP, the company pegged as the main culprit behind the accident will also suffer from the catastrophe in the long run. The ambitious firm was just recently taken out of consideration for some new and lucrative ventures unravelling in Greenland. The company has had its latest projects in the North Sea and Libya cancelled in the wake of the disaster, and the Greenland fiasco comes at a bad time for the ailing company that once reigned atop as the most risk- taking and forward- looking company in its field.

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The Far-Reaching Effects of BP’s Gulf Oil Spill

As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico appears to have finally been stopped, there will be much discussion in the future about what damage the oil has done, or will do, to the environment in the region, as well as to what extent the local economies have been, and will be, negatively affected.

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BP’s Evergrowing Conflicts

Recently the National Corn Growers Association began running television advertisements in Washington which is featuring an easily recognizable villain, namely, BP PLC and its huge. It is uncontained oil slick in Gulf of Mexico. The advertisement which was announced is “Ethanol: Now is the time.” Ethanol is environmental friendly, clean burning and it can reduce [...]

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