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Greenland Exploration Plans Left Behind by Ailing BP

In the face of the recent Gulf of Mexico disaster, British energy and exploration giant BP was forced to put a stop to its ambitious plans of delving further into the bountiful Greenland. The company’s representatives announced today that they have officially withdrawn their bid for a drilling license, and instead will focus their energies on dealing with the spill’s aftermath.

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The Far-Reaching Effects of BP’s Gulf Oil Spill

As the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico appears to have finally been stopped, there will be much discussion in the future about what damage the oil has done, or will do, to the environment in the region, as well as to what extent the local economies have been, and will be, negatively affected.

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Unfortunate Oil Speed Does Not Reach Halliburton

Despite being surrounded by controversy oil giant Halliburton reported a rise of a whopping 83% in profits in the second quarter. The unfortunate Deepwater Horizon scandal also did not affect revenue growth of the oil giant which rose 26% to a staggering 4.39 billion. The company also employed 1700 people in the last quarter making [...]

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