Tararua Receives Approval for Oil Exploration

A contentious plan for oil exploration in the district of Tararua has just been recently approved.

Approvals have been granted by the Horizons Regional Council for Apache and TAG Oil to begin oil drilling on exploratory wells at a private region near Dannevirke.

But, the council is emphasizing that the approvals do not allow the controversial technique of drilling for oil and gas, which most refer to as fracking. The process involves the insertion of high-pressure fluid into openings in rocks in order for fluids to be released.

A lot of thinking was given to the possible impact of the allowed activities and circumstances have been placed on Apache and TAG to make sure that whatever possible impact on the environment are prevented, stopped or fixed, said Dr. Nic Peet of the Horizons Regional Council.

The council involved both local and foreign experts on main areas like the integrity of the ground and the well as well as the quality of surface water as a component of the drilling and exploration process.

The local district council had presently given consent for work to start at the top ground of the area.

According to protesters, oil exploration may be dangerous in the area that is prone to earthquakes. Moreover, they were worried about the effect of drilling and exploration of oil on the local supply of water.

Fracking has been given consent to go on in New Zealand after last year’s investigation of the Environmental Parliamentary Commissioner.