The American Green Trend and Obama

President Obama visited a Wisconsin plant recently that specializes in the manufacturing of renewable energy products such as batteries and power platforms used for energy storage. The plant has recently received a Recovery Act grant totalling $1.3 million.

Obama gave a fervent speech to the plant’s gathered workers promising to make place for more than 800,000 new green jobs in the US in the coming few years. The president added that the nest ten years will see $150 billion invested in the American green energy industry.

Yet many activists and experts have expressed their doubts about the true effectiveness and reality behind the promising and inspiring words.

Cap and trade regulations, carbon emission taxes and several other conventional fuel restrictions need to be put in place before the playing field is rendered even somewhat equal. Furthermore, despite their outspoken support for the renewable field, the current administration has done little else but verbally promising to help advance the emerging niche that has seen a much more tepid reception in the US than it has in the rest of the world.

Many of the nation’s green programs have received considerable funding boosts over the past year, yet the industry requires more than promises and money if it is to unravel fully.

Martha’s Vineyard, where Obama and his family travelled for vacation after his visit to Wisconsin boasts some of the nation’s most prolific green success stories.

A local inn decided to field its health club’s and spa’s power demands with a geothermal system that saw green energy providing the intensive heating and cooling systems required by the facilities. The geothermal option has proven more effective than the massive wind turbine that would have been erected in order to power the inn, an option that the owners considered briefly. Many other businesses in the area followed suit, paving the way for the local heating system providers to consider introducing a geothermal addition to their permanent choice of services.

Many experts have stated that since Obama’s administration began its term, a clear shift of interest has been made towards renewable energies and their progression in the country. Yet with many others claiming that the erratic and speeded up advancements that the current administration is putting in place do more to satisfy the general crowd than what they do in terms of actual viable changes to the country’s energy philosophies. Claims have been made that if the nation bothered to administer its green policies in perhaps a less sprawling, yet more focused manner, much more long- lasting effect would be produced.