The Bankhurst Group refines real estate investment

The Bankhurst Group‘s CEO and founder Greg Bankhurst describes the group’s launch as introducing a new game in an old school environment.

The group has been prepped up to play the role of DreamPlay Capital’s parent company apart from four other ventures that has been added to the group’s portfolio by him. The ventures include Las Vegas’ Black 17 Resort and, an asset management and advisory specialist firm Global Asset Advisory, Bankhurst Properties a brokerage firm involved in exclusive investment and Kelley, a marketing, promotions and communications firm.

Bankhurst states that the group’s goal is to emerge as a fearless, bold leader in the real estate industry. He states that the group’s accomplishments and expertise are unparalleled in the industry. The group also creates value based maximized return for its real estate partners who boast of a very good portfolio and some interesting investment assets.

The Bankhurst Group has been waiting to see the light of the day for some time now. The officially announcement was made at a dinner ( invitation dinner) organized at an exclusive private Soho Beach Club located on Miami Beach by Leslie Wolfson who is the President of Miami Magazine. The dinner was attended by some of the top investors and developers in the real estate business in the South Florida area.

The Bankhurst group has gone to great lengths for putting together a whole team of experienced professionals, who have considerable experience in the respective industries in offering creative solutions that can help in maximizing the profitability and increasing the operating efficiency. He has a very clear vision of the group’s goal. He is looking forward to redefining the real estate industry which till now uses the old school strategies, with new techniques and strategies.

Bankhurst states that the company is unique. According to him, the group believes in making an investment in only the investing the best financing, underwriting and managing acquisitions.

According to him, the group is looking forward to make some acquisitions, developments and investments that are capable of exceeding expectations. The group looks forward to carving a pretty exciting future.

The group has come up with its official website, that is based on the same model as Twitter and Facebook for providing information and interactivity. The group’s advertising campaign will start first in the local publications and will then spread through the national media.