The US continues its push through the green energy ranks, as Obama promises new policies to create more than 800,000 jobs in the next few years

The battery plant in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin received a visit from the nation’s President this Monday. Obama gave a fervent speech to the congregated about the US’ interest and efforts in clean energy as a pathway into a brighter future. Obama added that the country’s advances in the green energy field will propel manufacturing and fuel industries to new heights, and with the recession slowly dying out, mass unemployment will finally be curbed by the 800,000 new jobs that clean energy projects will create by 2012 alone.

“Our commitment to clean energy … [is] going to help lay the foundation for lasting economic growth,” Obama proclaimed at Wisconsin-based ZBB Energy’s main facility [AMEX: ZBB]. The Company designs, develops, manufactures and distributes energy storage systems and solutions based on their zinc-bromine rechargeable electrical energy storage and power management technologies.

Obama also criticized the Republican Party for failing to recognize the importance and vitality of renewable energy and the potential it has to pull the ailing nation out of its economic downturn. He added that GOP’s efforts to quell the progressive new policies instilled in Congress are a bad sign that the Party would much rather watch from the sidelines than actively participate in the nation’s struggle to gain a leading place in the highly competitive and profitable trend.

The President provided little detail about the coming changes in policies, yet added that his administration has a firm and persistent interest in advancing the US’ green economy, and that he is convince in the clean energy sector ensuring a comfortable future for the country. Billions of dollar have already been appointed to the emerging sector, paving the way for vast amounts of new jobs, as well as an improved overall economy, and climate- and environmentally- friendly fuel industries. These opportunities were all notable rejected by the Bush administration at the crucial time when the industry was only making first signs of revival in the world.

Obama’s administration’s heavy interest in the field will no doubt lead to a platform of green economy as a way to reinvigorate the ailing economy as his second term possibilities approach. His dedicated commitment to creating more and more private sector jobs, as well as stimulating the green collar market has certainly earned him the admiration of the people, and as the US finally gains more stable footing in the clean energy race, his administration looks to prolong their stay in the White House.