Two companies that sued Flower Mound are Titan Operating LLC and Keystone

Recently Flower mound town of Texas that lies in the suburb of Dallas is greatly in News for being sued by companies that were denied setback variations in two separate cases heard by the city oil and gas Appeals Board.

Two companies that sued Flower Mound are Titan Operating LLC and Keystone Exploration Ltd. and Expro Engineering Inc.They were filed on December 17 and 22nd respectively. Titan operating LLC filed a suit stating that a request for drilling in the property that is in the south of the Hilliard gas well was denied. The request put forward by them has drawn strong opposition from the residents near the property who stated that the said property is very close to schools, churches and homes.

Suit filed by Keystone exploration Ltd is related to the drilling of the property in western Flower Mound region.

Two suits filed were heard by Flower Mound Oil and Gas Board of Appeals. The meeting was held on December 15th which turned out to be a lengthy one which gathered opponents raising concerns of safety and environmental issues associated with natural oil drilling in the town by the residents.

Angelina Hunt, Member of Dallas City council, opposed keystone’s request during the hearing as the proposed well for drilling as it falls very close to the Grape Lake city from which water is supplied to Dallas and other communities.

Titan and Keystone say that the actions of the board were arbitrary and impulsive and should be reversed.

Officials of Flower Mound deny board’s actions being illegal and say they will strongly defend the cases in the court.